Attract and retain talent with equity incentives through employee stock ownership plans

Build a culture of ownership and shared mission with an Employee Stock Option Plan that is straightforward to manage, update, and understand.

Trusted by ambitious companies

Transparency and visibility

Gain the trust of key team players with fair equity compensation

Dedicated, personalized employee portal ensures transparency and confidentiality.

People have full visibility into KPIs and what their options are worth over time: equity, vesting, exit options.

Accessible 24/7, privacy compliant and secure.

Operational efficiency and scalability

Simplify ESOP setup and day-to-day program management

Complete flexibility in program design; our platform automates all aspects of stock option grants and vesting schedules.

Contract and e-signature management. Centralized documentation.

Automated communications and reporting.

Expert guidance

Get support for the ESOP journey - from strategy to program setup

Jumpstart with built-in AI Equibot assistance.

ESOP Design Program with expert guidance from local European legal and tax partner networks.

Exclusive pricing available to SeedBlink Pro, Business and Enterprise account holders.

How it works





Sign up for free account

Create a SeedBlink Equity account: quick, secure and private.

Fill in data about your company

2-minute process to add the essential details about your company and ownership stakes. All is kept private!

Define your ESOP

Allocate ownership percentages to your team and define details such as time duration, vesting, and cliff. Don't have an ESOP yet? Create your first market-standard ESOP with the support of EquiBot AI and our legal & tax advisory partners.

Invite your team and the employees

Play with it, and after you are ready, share it with your employees or collaborators so each can see their promise, stocks, and vesting.

Get started

Why SeedBlink for managing your ESOP

A single source of truth for all things equity.

Centralized and always up-to-date ESOP documentation.

Compliance with ESOP regulations.

European legal and tax partner networks.

Early exit unlocked for vested shares - under your control.

Join thousands of European companies and their stakeholders managing their equity and employee stock ownership plans through the SeedBlink platform.

You don't have an ESOP yet?

Through the ESOP Design program, you can now access an all-in-one service that connects you with the right legal & tax advisory experts for your company's needs and local requirements.

Motivate your employees by offering ESOP

Let's schedule a demo to show you how easy it is to start and manage an ESOP with SeedBlink.