One software suite for equity management, fundraising and liquidity

Features and services vary per plan and existing customers enjoy legacy pricing options.


Our most popular plan for small teams.


5 members included

€2 for extra member/month


Cap table management

Basic ESOP

Financing readiness tools

Email support


Prepare and manage first rounds for early stage startups.


per year


10  members included

€3 for extra member/month


Everything in Basic plan+

Cap table round simulations

Contracts and signatures workflows, employees portals

Investor match (coming)

Email & chat support


Engage talent and backers for growing companies.


per year


50 members included

€4 for extra member/month


Everything in Starter plan+

Investors updates / relations. Shareholders governance

Advanced ESOP, Exercise transactions

Fundraising readiness support

Fast-tracked onboarding, early access to new features


Ensure operational effciency and compliance.


Plans for larger companies.

+50 members included

Custom for member/month


Everything in Growth+

HRIS integration| IFRS ESOP Reporting

Valuations - 409A, HMRC, BSPCE

1 Syndicate per year

White-label stakeholders communication and engagement flows

Concierge onboarding / priority support / CX manager

Captable management
Transactions auto-update cap table
AI ESOP Documents creation
Equity plans and option grants automation
Offboarding management
Stock option exercise transactions
Scenarios modeling (SAFE, Equity rounds)
Exit waterfall simulations
Documents & e-signatures workflows
3 per month
10 per month
Reporting (captable, ESOP, compliance)
incl. ASC 718, IFRS reporting
E-signing integration
Migration from other equity management tool
Tax/Legal ESOP Design
Valuations - 409A, BSPCE, HMRC, others
1 Valuation/year
Cleanup captable (€5.000  setup Nominee/SPV)
Data room
Limited storage
Guidance Materials check ​ (30 min)  ​​
Investors match tool (automated)​​
Investor interest check​
Company profile
SAFE automation
Equity rounds
Investors updates & reporting
Add ons
Fundraising as a service (€5.000 consultancy, % raise) - investors intros
3% of raise
2.5% of raise
2% of raise
Syndicates vehicles
(setup €2.500, 1-3% raise, capped at €20.000, inc.30 investors, additional investor €100)
SeedBlink Ventures
VC Co-investment (€3.000 setup, 7% raise) - subject to eligibility criteria
SeedBlink Ventures Community (€2.500 setup, 5% raise)
SeedBlink Secondaries (% buyer, %seller)
Founders and teams that trust us

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SeedBlink gave us access to diverse funding options and enabled us to provide equity to investors, our top talent and our user community.

— Radu Negulescu

CEO and Founder, Sessions

We immediately clicked with the SeedBlink team as their fundraising expertise was immediately obvious.

— Svilen Rangelov

Founder and CEO, Dronamics

Our main expectation has been to raise the amount we were aiming for, and both rounds launched on Seedblink exceeded our targets.

— Mihai Darzan

CEO & Co-founder, PROCESIO

I am recommending SeedBlink without hesitation, to every founder that raises capital.

—Catalin Mester

Co-Founder, Voxa

We reached our fundraising goal within hours of launching.

— Ioan Iacob

CEO & Co-founder, FLOWX.AI

Frequently asked questions

What is SeedBlink, and how does it help startups?

SeedBlink is a comprehensive equity management and financing platform designed specifically for European companies, their shareholders, and stock option plan owners. It simplifies cap table management, ESOP administration, fundraising processes and investors access, shareholders communication, helping companies to grow and thrive their most important asset, their equity.

Which plan is suited for me?

Whether it’s early-stage startups with just a couple of founders or larger companies dealing with complex cap tables and hundreds of employees, SeedBlink Equity offers multiple solutions and impeccable security protocols for each. From basic ESOP and financing readiness reviews to valuation services, vesting automation, and access to our network of investors and VCs, we go beyond being a simple cap table management tool, extending the value we provide.

How are team members defined in SeedBlink?

With SeedBlink Equity you only pay for team members. These can include co-founders, team members and employees, who own equity. Investors can register for free in your Seedblink account.

How does SeedBlink team support my onboarding?

From the beginning, our client-centric philosophy has led us to offer white-glove support. So, when signing up for SeedBlink, you can be sure that you’ll have an easy onboarding process, including kick-off calls and guidance in the product. Our team can also complete the setup for you by securely managing all your documents and data.

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