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Streamline and accelerate your next funding round with the right tools for pitch deck review, VC introductions, and co-investment.

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Fundraising as a Service - Financing add-on

Lay the groundwork for success for your next funding round

Boost your financing readiness and potential and attract the right lead investors for startups with ease.

Pitch deck and fundraising materials review.

Matching tools and introductions to angel investors and VCs.

Deal structuring and development guidance.

VC-backed - SeedBlink Ventures

Raise a co-investment from a premium network of startup investors

We invest alongside European VCs, angel investors, and family offices, at the same deal terms, serving as a strategic partner that can accelerate the closing of your round. €25K - €5M.

Dedicated deal manager and round success support from our team.

We take care of the investors onboarding (KYC & AML checks), documents signing, and transfers management.

Post-financing support with follow-on rounds and a software suite to manage your investors easily.

Fast closing of the round (average 1 month) with all investors under one line in the cap table.

Community deals - SeedBlink Ventures

Streamline the fundraising process from community crowdfunding

Designed for pre-seed startups and scaleups, we provide the right infrastructure to raise a round easily with the support of your community.

Hassle-free investment vehicle setup and management done by us (Nominee).

We onboard your investors fast and handle the post-financing details, signatures and transfers.

Post-financing, you can manage your community of investors and future rounds all-in-one place.

Add-on: You can opt in for a public setup and raise financing from our premium network of investors.

Raising financing with SeedBlink Ventures





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Add your company's details in SeedBlink Equity and submit your financing application. Within 3 days, our team will review the details provided. If you meet the required criteria, we'll plan together the next steps of your funding journey.

Start the financing process

We start by evaluating your business plans, growth strategy, investment terms and financial forecasts. Together, we analyze and determine the essential details and deal structure to meet your unique financing requirements.

Launch your round on Ventures

Benefit from a dedicated deal captain and marketing specialist who will guide you every step. From pre-round preparations to during and after the financing round, our team is here to assist you, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Go beyond financing

Embrace the full potential of our software suite with reporting tools, and an investor communication hub. We offer continuous support and guidance in areas like deal structuring, equity ownership, and valuable mentorship. Long-term succes is a shared mission.

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Why SeedBlink for your next funding round?

Covering multiple stages of growth and funding needs.

Complete services suite for pre, during and post-funding journey.

Handling 80% of the process, allowing founders to focus on the bigger picture.

Secure and localized investment vehicles (Nominee / SPV / STAK).

SeedBlink Ventures licensed under the ECSPR.

Premium network of European VCs, business angels, and family offices.

Founders and teams that trust us

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We loved the enthusiastic and professional team at SeedBlink. We really felt that they understood our business and became advisors to us. The structuring and business advice that SeedBlink provided was valuable and facilitated networking with potential business partners - so it felt like a "smart money" investment, not a "crowdfunding" investment.

— Ioan Iacob

Founder & CEO FLOWX.AI

We immediately clicked with the SeedBlink team, recognizing their obvious investing expertise.
Fundraising, after all, is merely a means to an end, and we liked how the SeedBlink team provided a clear roadmap on how to run an efficient and effective campaign. They assigned us 3 dedicated persons for investment, marketing, and operational planning, ensuring seamless coordination and assistance every step of the way.

— Svilen Rangelov

Co-founder & CEO Dronamics

ESOP is important for the startup ecosystem, as it reinforces the notion that success is a team sport. Good companies are not ‘employers’ – they are a ‘mission’ for team members.

— Svetozar Georgiev

Co-Founder at Telerik, Partner at Eleven Ventures

Direct ownership of company shares is paramount.

— Marius Ghenea

Partner, Catalyst Romania

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