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Create an investment syndicate to pool investors under a single line in your cap table and streamline your fundraising journey and governance.

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Save time, money and effort

Clean up your cap table and raise financing by bundling up small investors into one vehicle.

Our platform helps you setup a deal room, start sending a link to investors to join the round, sign legals and collect funds immediately.

Manage online and speed up the investment syndicate set up and management.

Communicate and report in the same place you structure the deal.

Get rid of a messy corporate structure and enable your investors’ hub.

Angel investors

Seamless co-investment structure
Aggregate smaller tickets, share deals with your network and let them co-invest on a deal-by-deal basis.

Create a private investment syndicate for you and other angel investors.

Track the fundraising process from a dedicated deal room.

Access a hassle-free vehicle set up and post-fundraising process.

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We found a strong partner in SeedBlink, who provided the syndicate investment vehicle and infrastructure to make this happen in a very efficient way. We were able to aggregate our preferred angel investors and close the round quickly. We applaud the availability of the nominee vehicle among other investment options to meet the needs of startup funding at every stage of growth.

— Mihai Gavan

CEO and Co-Founder, FoodFix.

As a business angels club, our job is to provide the best deals to our investor members. SeedBlink helps us expand our deal flow with exciting investment opportunities from all over the world. Their platform is easy to navigate, and the whole syndicate establishment and management process is transparent, fast, and trustworthy.
For a second year in a roll, we partner with them on various educational resources and communication materials of good practices and inspiring personal stories to promote further angel investing and the entrepreneurs’ success stories in the region.

— Elena Nikolova

CEO, Angels Club, Community Builder

When choosing SeedBlink as a syndication platform, we had these two things in mind: to resolve the need of the founders to raise more money and to allow business angels to be part of this financing round, angels who otherwise might not have been able to place a substantial ticket enough to directly enter the cap table.

— Marius Istrate

Chairman of the Board, TechAngels.

Why SeedBlink?

Enhanced transparency

Streamlined communication and collaboration by managing the syndicate and post-fundraising reporting all-in-one platform.

Unbroken cap table

Clean up your cap table by consolidating your investors in one vehicle, saving on legal fees through an automated process.

Seamless investor onboarding

Investors join your syndicate with ease as they can sign up digitally, while the platform handles the onboarding, including KYC and AML checks.

Shareholder governance

With SeedBlink, consolidate shareholder voting rights into a single proxy, accelerating your capital raises and important corporate changes.

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Join our platform and provide your company's information and funding terms. You will work together with our team to set up and manage the investment syndicate.

Invite your network

Even if you are a founder or an investor, distribute the dedicated link towards friends, network and partners to join your private opportunity.

Hassle-free management

SeedBlink takes care of the entire process after closing the deal, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture of your fundraising journey.

You're all set

Shareholders can log in at any time to track your company's progress and access a single source of truth for reporting, documents management and signatures.

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