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SeedBlink has been invaluable in our fundraising journey. With their help, we've connected with several VCs that we feel are a great strategic fit. Since this is not a short-term game, we wanted to be in a win-win situation with the investors. We're grateful for SeedBlink's unwavering support and, most importantly, for guiding us on how to make equity strategic.

— Florina Popirtac

Co-Founder & CEO, Spark.School

At Sessions, we prioritize efficiency, productivity, and innovation. Our funding and equity game couldn’t be any different. We're thrilled to partner with SeedBlink, which gave us access to diverse funding options and enabled us to provide equity to investors, our top talent and our user community. We’re essentially taking equity participation and fundraising to the next level. SeedBlink’s all-in-one platform is a big plus, kudos to them for bringing it to the market.

— Radu Negulescu

CEO and Founder, Sessions

SeedBlink organized several pitch events for investors, which we found very useful for the round momentum.

— Kimmo Rytkönen

Founder, Income Marketplace

Having a campaign on the platform allowed us not only to meet a team of professionals - that guided and helped us prepare the necessary materials - but also opened doors for increasing our brand awareness and have discussions with VCs & angel investors we have never reached before.

— Florin Stoian

Co-founder and CEO, Miluu

Even though the funding campaigns were crowdfunding rounds, we are thrilled to receive extra support from some of the investors, who have chosen to get involved and help us generate product awareness, whenever they can.

— Mihai Darzan

CEO & Co-founder, PROCESIO

There are many financing platforms that I have used, but what makes SeedBlink unique is its deal flow focused on Eastern European startups as well as their affiliation and integrity with VCs interested to leverage, co-invest, source, lead and follow deals within its community.

— Angel Angelov

Managing Partner, Innovation Capital

Why SeedBlink?

Licensed under the ECSPR (European Crowdfunding Services Providers Regulation).

Co-invest on the same investment terms as the leading VCs.

Exclusive network of investors that support the growth of companies.

Streamlined compliance and investment process.  Post investment regular updates.

Complete investors onboarding, and post-investment follow ons and liquidity support.

Dedicated deal manager and round support team for each financing event.

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