Secondary equity transactions. Simplified liquidity trading for shareholders

Run end-to-end secondary market transactions for your investors and employees.

Trusted by ambitious companies

Unlock early liquidity

Make equity more tangible for your early investors and employees. We’ll provide the right toolset and connect you with top-tier investors.

Providing the software, legal expertise and buyers coverage you need.

Checking information symmetry together with companies and sellers.

Creating secure datarooms for secondaries with customized access.

Run a secondary market transaction
Our team of experts takes care of the tedious parts while your shareholders enjoy liquidity.

Onboarding investors (KYC & AML checks) in the dedicated dataroom.

Generating documents, collecting signatures, executing transfers.

Fast closing (2-4 weeks) and management of secondary market transactions.

Start with Secondaries
You set the rules
SeedBlink Secondaries gives you complete control over early-liquidity for your employees with vested shares and current investors. Together, we decide the design of the transactions, and under which conditions.

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