Get clarity and control over your equity

Become more credible and attractive to investors with a streamlined cap table, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

Trusted by ambitious companies

Transaction tracking

Track all types of stock and corresponding ownership.

Track all types of stock and corresponding ownership.

Flexibility to include any type of share class – fully diluted or non-diluted - or security instruments like SAFEs or CLAs.

Centralized equity-related data in one platform.

Automation and scalability

Simplify equity management through built-in automation.

Automated calculations, saving time on manual processes.

Real-time updates and insights, for all stakeholders.

Operational efficiency and scalability.

Scenario modelling

Simulate the impact of all security types and multiple funding scenarios.

Conduct simple or advanced simulations for your equity with our cap table management software. Explore changes through new investments, option pools, SAFEs, or convertibles.

Shareholder protection: Everyone gets predictability and clarity on dilutions and liquidity events.

Ownership target: Calculate capital needed to reach desired ownership percentage.

Stakeholder engagement & reporting

Keep stakeholders regularly informed: Build trust and create long-term value.

Automated, customizable communication, updates and reporting via the portal.

Legal document templates and management, e-signatures, all with embedded compliance and best practice workflows.

Operational efficiency and scalability. Proper governance and compliance.

Why choose SeedBlink Equity for your cap table management needs?

A single source of truth for all things equity.

Centralized and always up-to-date records.

Simulations to understand funding scenarios.

Compliance and best practice workflows.

3rd party validated cap table.

Stakeholder hub and automated updates.

Join thousands of European companies and their stakeholders in managing their equity through the SeedBlink platform.

Enhance your startup's investibility and credibility with modern cap table management.

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