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Whether we are talking about investors, founders, employees, or lawyers, equity ownership can be managed smart, all in one place.


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To maintain a loyal and motivated team, especially in this competitive landscape, one of the best ways is to include everyone in the ESOP journey. This approach, backed by companies like SeedBlink, is essential for building a dedicated and invested workforce in the modern business environment.

— Vince Gaydarzhiev

Founder and President at Alcatraz.ai

As a startup founder, I am happy to witness SeedBlink’s dedication to expand their support for early-stage companies beyond funding, towards a healthy equity management.

— Tudor Goicea

Co-founder of Aqurate

ESOP is important for the startup ecosystem, as it reinforces the notion that success is a team sport. Good companies are not ‘employers’ – they are a ‘mission’ for team members.

— Svetozar Georgiev

Co-Founder at Telerik, Partner at Eleven Ventures

Direct ownership of company shares is paramount.

— Marius Ghenea

Partner, Catalyst Romania

Why SeedBlink?

Our full product offering removes friction for managing your greatest asset, equity. From raising your first round to exploring liquidity scenarios, our equity management platform helps you do it right.

European-savvy and tech-focused

Our extensive network of investors, lawyers, and tax advisors across Europe ensures that you can seamlessly manage your equity across various functions and jurisdictions.

Comprehensive, modular suite

Our all-in-one suite grows with your business. Whether you need simple cap table management, stakeholder governance, access to your next lead investor, or improved employee equity compensation and liquidity, our holistic equity management approach ensures seamless solutions.

Proven expertise and trust

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs with multiple successful exits in banking and technology, we have built a platform that serves hundreds of thousands of companies and stakeholders, managing over €1B in assets.

Modern, data-driven technology

We digitize all equity processes, making it seamless and insightful to access, manage, and trade equity for private tech companies and their stakeholders. Our modern, data-driven approach ensures efficiency and transparency in every transaction.

Packages tailored for each stage of growth

Customize your experience with different plans and add-ons depending on your current needs. Investors have free access.


Our most popular plan for small teams.


Cap table management

Basic ESOP

Financing readiness tools

Email support


Prepare and manage first rounds for early stage startups.


Everything in Basic plan+

Cap table round simulations

Contracts and signatures workflows, employees portals

Investor match (coming)

Most popular

Engage talent and backers for growing companies.


Everything in Starter plan+

Investors updates Shareholders governance

Advanced ESOP, Exercise transactions

Fundraising readiness guidance


Ensure operational effciency and compliance.


Everything in Growth+

HRIS integration| IFRS ESOP Reporting

Valuations - 409A, HMRC, BSPCE, others

1 Syndicate per year

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